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Kids’ toy and clothes swap

Do you have toys, clothes, and/or books that your children have outgrown? Join us for a morning of toy, clothes, and book swapping! While the swapping gets done, we have creative and sensory play activities so everyone is sure to be entertained. In collaboration with Mountain Kids Sensory Play  and 1 Million Turtles Community Conservation Program … Read more

Going Circular

This film tells the stories of four inspiring thinkers who dare to think beyond the linear “take- make- waste” approach, and highlights some of the ground-breaking innovations that are redesigning our systems for a more circular future with no waste. Going Circular offers concrete solutions to encourage us to make circularity part of our everyday life, … Read more

Adaptation for a Hypothetical Scenario

Contribute your ideas, and listen to experts, about how we can adapt before an inevitable climate change disaster in the Blue Mountains. Isolated for over three months, without grid electricity, how could we survive, and even thrive, with the right preparation? Dr Roy Tasker, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Western Sydney University and the Chief … Read more

How to Save on Your Power Bills

Bright ideas to save on household energy bills – An Adaptation to Climate Change Community Workshop Climate risk expert Winton Evers from the Sunshine Project has conducted more than 300 audits to reduce household energy costs. Join him to learn simple, easy ways to keep your electricity and gas bills down. Learn how to understand … Read more

The Magic of Biochar & the Promise of Pyrolysis

The Magic of Biochar and the Promise of Pyrolysis Are you growing some of your own food?  Do you have a garden you are proud of?  Do you know that you could increase the productivity and health of your soil by applying biochar? Come and learn about this extraordinary substance – which ancient inhabitants in … Read more

Book launch: Together We Can

As part of the Festival of Resilience kick-off event Regenerate – join Claire O’Rouke in conversation as she launches her book Together We Can. Claire will be in joined by Lis Bastian of the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative and Allen Hyde of the Mount Irvine Rainforest Conservancy.  Together We Can, by Australian author Claire … Read more

Darug Songlines

Tickets $10, children FREE Join Darug woman Jacinta Tobin for a workshop that gives honour to song with its power and potential. This is not song for song’s sake, this is song for Country’s sake. The aim is to assist in bringing better understanding of Country and Connection, how is this related to music and … Read more

Free Fun Collaborative Community Art Project

Rejoice in the resilience of our community! What histories of resilience have happened in the past? What resilience brings us together today? What do our imaginations hold for our region in the future? We want to amplify our stories of community resilience and transformative actions in response to climate-change driven destabilisation. The Sydney Environment Institute … Read more