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Going Circular

This film tells the stories of four inspiring thinkers who dare to think beyond the linear “take- make- waste” approach, and highlights some of the ground-breaking innovations that are redesigning our systems for a more circular future with no waste. Going Circular offers concrete solutions to encourage us to make circularity part of our everyday life, … Read more

Forest Voices – a Mount Tomah community event

Join us for a relaxed round table discussion with local experts to find out what’s been happening in our area and help plan for the future of our region. From 1pm – 4pm November 26th, 2022 in the Waratah Room at Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. Round Table Discussion led by Billy Gruner. Guest speakers: Allen … Read more

Book Launch of Rosemary Morrow’s Earth Restorer’s Guide to Permaculture

Saturday 17 September | 1pm at the Planetary Health Precinct  (the old Katoomba Golf Course, Acacia St Katoomba) Bring along a picnic lunch for the Blue Mountains launch of Rosemary Morrow’s latest permaculture book and join Lis Bastian and Rowe Morrow in conversation about Permaculture’s contribution to restoring Planetary Health. Rosemary has completely revised and updated … Read more

Book launch: Together We Can

As part of the Festival of Resilience kick-off event Regenerate – join Claire O’Rouke in conversation as she launches her book Together We Can. Claire will be in joined by Lis Bastian of the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative and Allen Hyde of the Mount Irvine Rainforest Conservancy.  Together We Can, by Australian author Claire … Read more

Maiden, Mother, Crone Retreat

The womb is a place of immense creative, fertile and manifestational powers, it is a place for joy, expression, relation and love.  This retreat offers an opportunity to not only connect and cultivate one’s inner Psyche, one’s inner Maiden, Mother and Crone, but to also be the person in one’s ancestral lineage to turn a … Read more

Buzzing Bees play-workshop

A playful, interactive workshop utilising games, nature exploration, original songs and art-marking to foster curiosity and learn about the diversity and ecological needs of bees and other insects.  For youngsters 0 to 5 years and their caregivers. Facilitator Amelie Ecology is an ecologist, educator and musician based in Blackheath who loves to connect young people … Read more

Free Fun Collaborative Community Art Project

Rejoice in the resilience of our community! What histories of resilience have happened in the past? What resilience brings us together today? What do our imaginations hold for our region in the future? We want to amplify our stories of community resilience and transformative actions in response to climate-change driven destabilisation. The Sydney Environment Institute … Read more

Biophilic Design Talk

The Living Future Insitute of Australia is part of the global movement revolutionising the built environment with buildings, infrastructure and community spaces that are more than green, but regenerative. We would like to invite Blue Mountains community members to a free public talk on biophilic design – the practice of connecting people and the natural … Read more

Re-kindling Connection

Are you longing for deeper connection with yourself, your community, and the land? In this circle, we’ll look at some of the ways we can come back into connection as we meet the challenges of these times. You’ll learn a practice to nourish your heart. We’ll talk about ancestors, and what it might mean to … Read more